February 6, 2014

Inspiration: Valentine's Day for the Single Girl

Yes, it's that time of year again when the spot light is on the lovers and the single girls get left out. Working with majority of women around this time I hear sappy quotes like "Forever Alone" etc. you get my point. However instead of saying "Forever Alone" how about we change that to "Forever Happy!" Whoever said being single is a bad thing! For any girl who has self doubt or gets a little gloomy this time of year, keep your head up darling! Take note from some inspirational quotes and love yourself and let everything fall into place. While your at it go out and get you a little something, because if you don't love yourself who will.

Gifts for Yourself 

I love these Dogeared Necklaces, not only are they adorable but they have the cutest inspirations behind them. They have a variety of shapes and mean sing , prices start at $58. 

What I feel is the new "Carrie" necklace check out etsy to customize yours for only $22.50!


You can't go wrong with something small and delicate. 

A heart shape bag because it's pink and adorable.


Why not get a little sexy for yourself, give that ego a little something to look at!

Remember Love Yourself! 

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